Associate Degree

10 ways to get a job promotion immediately

What is an associate degree?

 An associate degree is a two-year degree with 60 units earned in college.  To be qualified with an associate degree, the student must complete necessary requirements such as the core courses needed for the chosen major.

Getting an associate degree can be a preparatory degree for Bachelor’s.  Examples of associate degrees are those courses related to

  • Applied Sciences
  • Business
  • Communication
  • Culinary Arts
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Health
  • Information Technology
  • and other technical courses…

Why an associate degree?

For those who want to save money, to buy a degree from an accredited college and to attend the first two years of college is a good preparation in applying for jobs.  Students who recently graduated from high school and could not afford a four-year course, can earn an associate degree.  Better yet, they can even buy an associate degree from reputable websites and buy a degree from an accredited college only.

10 ways to get a job promotion immediately

10 ways to get a job promotion immediately

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10 ways to get a job promotion immediately

Are you trapped in a dead-end job? Do you often find yourself feeling discouraged as flashy promotions pass you by?In today’s competitive job market, it’s becoming harder and harder to get noticed and have a rewarding career. Here are 10 easy tips to follow if you want to move up the notorious corporate ladder and get that position faster.

  1. Always aim high

In order to get a promotion, you have to give your very best at the workplace, which often means doing more than the job description and setting big goals. Don’t be afraid if the position you’re after seems a little intimidating, or else your employer will sense your lack of confidence and choose to give it to somebody else. Instead, view it as a challenge you’re prepared to tackle.

  1. Arrive early and leave late

Giving up just 5 or 10 minutes to make it to the office earlier in the morning will barelyaffect your schedule, but it will definitely have a positive impact on your boss’ perspective.Similarly, leaving the workplace a few minutes later will not only help you stand out, but allow you to relax and enjoy your evening since you’ll have more time to get everything doneand not have to worry about it over dinner.

  1. Ace your interview

If you’re applying for a higher-level position within your organization, you will mostlikely be interviewed. Even if the examiner is a colleague you know very well or a friend, you still need to sharpen up your interview skills, since the cat’s not in the bag just yet! Studies show that as few as 1/3 of internal candidates actually win the better jobs they pursue, as external competitors are extremely qualified and ambitious.

  1. Improve your portfolio

Polishing your image is essential if you want that promotion. So make sure your portfoliodemonstrates all-round experience, remember to check it constantly, update it and bring it along in case your interviewer turns to it.

  1. Don’t blow things out of proportions

Busy hours are filled with unexpected events and disruptions. It’s essential to react wellto unwanted occurrences and to learn how to deal with high levels of stress and uncomfortable working conditions. Procrastination should have no place in your schedule whatsoever if you want to be taken seriously.

  1. Take on more responsibility

Initiative is a key-element when it comes to advancing in your career and a surefire wayto get noticed by your superiors. So don’t be afraid of hard work and always take lead in projects if they’re suited to your skills. However, never take on more than you can chew and only ask for additional assignments if you’re certain you can get them done in time. Otherwise, what started out as a good intention will have a negative impact on your image and you don’t want that.

  1. Dress the part

Although you might not think this to be an important deciding factor when it comes toearning a promotion, you’d be surprised! First impressions are critical when you’re starting out in any career so make sure you dress up and constantly maintain a respectable, professional look at your workplace.

  1. Groom a successor

If the reason why you’re not getting promoted is the fact that you’re indispensable inyour current job position, then take matters into your own hands. Look for another employee and train him so that he can take your place.

  1. Develop a new position

Don’t be afraid tofashion your own opportunities and talk to management about creating anew position that will allow youto excel at what you do and take on new responsibilities.

  1. Get a mentor

A solid relationship with your manager or someone higher up the ladder can do wondersfor your career. Not only will you learn valuable information about your organization and jobs you might want to pursue in the future, but you will have a partner who is willing to vouch for you when you decide to apply for a higher position. Your mentor might even consider you for succession when he moves up or retires.

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