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When you buy a degree from us you can also buy supporting documents. It is a good idea to purchase them in order to be able to prove the legality and authenticity of the degree in front of the colleagues and employers.

The prices of the supporting documents are listed below:

Transcript of record USD $200
Sealed Transcripts USD $300
Student Record USD $200
Acceptance Letter USD $120
Graduation Letter USD $120
Reference Letter by First Professor USD $200
Reference Letter by Second Professor USD $200
Reference Letter by Third Professor USD $200
Letter of Appreciation USD$120
Internship Letter from Company USD $250
Internship Letter from University USD $250
Student ID USD $250
University Alumni Card USD $250
University Library Card USD $250
Student Union Card/ Student Association Card USD $250

In a debate about online or purchased degrees, it would typically be stated that people who choose to enlist in an online degree program or who buy their degrees miss out on the life experience of attending college or university. An online program means very little interaction with other students and professors, as well as little time spend on campus. On the other hand, purchasing a degree usually means you can obtain your diploma without any time spent studying or attending college. Clearly, you will miss on some experiences if you choose not to pursue a traditional program, but is it an overall loss?

We think not. On the contrary, we believe that an online degree actually improves your life experience. How? For starters, it gives you a lot more time and schedule flexibility. All the people who enlist in a traditional program spend most of their time attending classes and studying for trying exams. You, on the other hand, can spend this time working and adding valuable experience to your resume by choosing an online program. Even if you don’t work during your online studies, you will still be able to put aside more time for your personal life, as well as for your family, passions, interests or hobbies.

Secondly, if you choose to dedicate more time to learning, an online degree gives you the possibility to accelerate your studies.This way, you can take up more courses per semester and attain your degree in 18 months or less. In terms of life experience, this means that you can get a head start in your career, because you’ll be able to work sooner than students attending a traditional degree program. By the time they graduate and enter the employment market with no working experience, you will have already solidified a respectable position.

Thirdly, if you already have a job, enlisting in an online degree program means that you can keep working and do great in school. It gives you the possibility to continuously improve your resume by adding more qualifications over time. In the long run, you will have access to more satisfactory, better paid positions within reputable companies, based on your solid educational background and all the experience you’ve accumulated. And this will have a positive effect on your personal life as well, as you will have more time and financial resources to enjoy travelling, hobbies or family life.

When you purchase a degree, you benefit even more from the advantages described above, provided that you buy from a reliable, trustworthy organization. Either way, your life experience can greatly profit from these two popular options, simply because they give you more time on your hands, as well as more career opportunities. Of course, a traditional education program is a unique experience in itself, but is it worth all the money, effort and years of your life? We think not, especially if by the time you graduate you have no work experience to showcase on your resume. On the other hand, an online or purchased degree can be a valuable early boost on your way to success and a fulfilling life experience.

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