Supporting Documents Specifications

Secrets of diploma mill business

When you buy a degree from us, you can get the following supporting documents:

  • Transcripts that is your academic record which shows the courses taken, the grads received and the degree grad. They are printed on official university letterhead with monogram and security watermark.
  • Students Records contains personal information, graduation date and citizenship, signed by university in order to prove the authenticity.
  • Graduation Letter is written by the principal and is inviting you to join the graduation day
  • Acceptance Letter is the official acceptance letter indicating that you have been accepted to the university program. It will show the acceptance date and the major you will pursue
  • Reference Letter by Professor indicates your performance during courses and you can get one or more reference letters if you buy the degree from us.
  • Appreciation Letter is written by a professor and is indicating your community service, research and assistance to the university

Transcripts :

  • Fine A4 Paper with official University Logo and security watermark feature
  • Date issued
  • Date awarded degree
  • Student number
  • Student address
  • Curriculum
  • Course of Study
  • Course Code
  • Duration of study
  • Grade of each course
  • Credit of each course
  • Degree awarded
  • Grade point average
  • stamp and signed by university registrar
  • Back of transcripts
  • list all grading criteria and method
  • Description of grade and grade point average
  • Seals in Official university envelope with stamp

Student Record :

  •  Fine A4 paper with official logo letterhead
  •  Student name
  •  Student official address
  •  Date of birth
  •  Citizenship
  •  Level of degree
  •  Major of study
  •  Study period finished
  •  Graduation date
  •  Signed by university registrar
  •  Stamped by university registrar
  •  Sealed in official university envelope

Reference letter by professor:

  • Study, work and attitude reference by professor
  • Fine A4 paper with official university logo letterhead
  • Signed by professor
  • Sealed in official university envelope

In recent years, diploma mills have constantly been on the news. Whether it was about people who were caught lying about their credentials or blacklisting names of institutions used to release fake degrees, diploma mills are a profitable industry. This is mainly because there is such a high demand for educated people on the job offer market that the only possible way to keep the rhythm with the competition is to get a fake degree yourself. Not to mention the fact that there are thousands of individuals who do the same thing.

There are some common techniques diploma mills use that should help you tell the difference between serious intermediaries and those who will likely get you in trouble.Most commonly, a diploma mill refers to an organization that produces counterfeit or forged diplomas in order to help people improve their resumes. In doing this, they focus as much as possible on the appearance of the certificate and selling aspect of the business, leaving the credentials and transcripts aside. While it’s usually cheaper than your accredited degree, diploma mills are not a good long-term solution.

The main reason for which you should stay clear of diploma mills is the fact that your degree will just be a bluff for your employer. If, at any point, someone decides to do a background check on your educational history, no credentials or records of you attending that institution will be provided. It can also be the case that the institution specified on your diploma doesn’t exist or that it has a name that rings familiar with another prestigious college. For instance Dartmouth University managed to fool a lot of employers into believing their applicants have graduated from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.

These are not long term solutions, as they imply subjecting yourself to serious risks, even legal consequences, every time you use your improved CV in order to get an advantage over someone or obtain a position with a company. We make it a point to provide our customers with a service that is completely opposite to that of your average diploma mill.

Accreditation is important. When you buy our degrees, you can be certain they come from an institution that exists and that has accreditation. This means that they are recognized as an educational establishment by the law of a country or state. Basically, you do not put yourself or your career in jeopardy, because your bought degree is legit. No stress about screening processes or being publicly ostracized for lying on your resume. Furthermore, we ensure that the quality of the degree you receive is equivalent to a premium service. Impeccable printing, flawless language and grammar, as well as authentic signatures have turned our products in one of the most appreciated on the market.

With the quality of our degrees and the accreditation that comes along with them, you’re guaranteed professional success. Who wouldn’t wantto get that executive desk, with all the perks and the advantages of a better lifestyle?Should a degree stop you from attaining success in your career? We think not. Make an investment today into the future of your financial security


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