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Success stories of finding a job after earning a degree online


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Online degrees are the most sought after service of modern colleges, as they provide people with the flexibility of managing a crowded schedule, while also continuing their intellectual development into higher education. Another incredible advantage is the fact that an online degree allows you to save up all of the money you would usually need for commuting and traditional tuition fees. Even if millions of people are now opting for online programs, successfully improving their careers and their lives, there are some who regard degrees obtained in such a manner as being sketchy.

Of course, it isn’t your classical going-to-school and sitting-in-a-bench, receiving the information of a grey eminence kind of degree, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad, less effective orsuperficial in any way.In addition, online teaching allows for the cloud-sharing of resources and information regarding courses, which makes everything you need to pass your exams available at any point, on your smart phone, tablet or PC, whereas the possibility of videoconference eliminates the dullness of written communication.

Here are the success stories of some renowned social and business personalities that have managed to acquire more professional success than most traditionally schooled people.

Shaquille O’Neal 

The fact that Shaq had to drop from his college in order to play professional basketball is no news, as the schedule and the involvement of the NBA could not be paired with any type of classical degree. O’Neal applied for an online degree and he is currently the proud possessor of an MBA. Retiring from sport is never easier when you’ve backed-up your career with a diploma that certifies you have the skills to go into business.

Kirkland Hogue Donald

The military is not unlike your usual business structure. There are people who work hard for all their lives and there are also those who seek to advance. Donald obtained his BA and MA after graduating from online courses, while his career was propelled through the ranks of Commanding Officer and now Admiral.

Mary Peters

If you’re an American citizen, you might already be familiar with her name. The politician worked hard in order to candidate for the position of Governor of Arizona back in 2006, being considered one of the most eligible candidates. After she acknowledged the importance of higher education and graduated as a Bachelor of Science from an online degree course, she was appointed the Secretary of Transportation to the U.S.A by the former president George W. Bush.

Your story can be the same as theirs, maybe even more successful. Regardless of what people say, graduating an online course can be just as rewarding as a traditional one. It offers you the necessary qualification to prove your skills to your employers, while also providing your mentality with a much needed global perspective. Statistics show that almost 80% of the people who graduated from an academic programme said that the experience helped them grow.

Whether it’s the certificate that you require, in order to best qualifyfor that CEO position, or you just don’t want to be left behind, online degrees are your best option. All the advantages of an academic diploma and all the benefits of modern technology have been combined into some of the most accessible and convenient long-distance learning possibilities, giving people a chance to study in a manner that never even existed a few decades before.


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