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Not long after Universities started meeting the needs of their long-distance learners with online degree programmes, businesses that sell degrees altogether also appeared. Especially in the United States, the law offers developing enterprises a high degree of protection in order to stimulate economic growth, reason for which it isn’t in any way illegal to buy an instant degree. Given the behaviour of the international job offer market,buying a degree in order to instantaneously boost a CV has become a widespread trend.

One thing that is not common knowledge is the fact that instant degrees are not necessarily fake ones, from a lawful point of view. Because of the popularity and incredible rate of growth of diploma mills, it’s not as easy to find a place where you can buy an instant degree that you can use without having to worry about consequences. These serious organizations actually take the time and the effort in order to provide you with a certificate that is not only professional in appearance, but comes from an accredited institution. If your history will ever be subjected to a screening process, you won’t have anything to worry about.

Below are some personalities that have managed to acquire financial empires with their instant degrees.

Jack Grubman

In the late 1990s, this man was in the spotlight of the international financial world, earning more than $20 million dollars per annum from his employers. Using a fake degree was just a means of making sure that he gets the same treatment as his other colleagues from his employers. Even after publicly stating that his credentials were phony, companies’ stocks were still sky-rocketing wherever Jack would go. Talent, hard work and experience can do a lot more than a diploma does for you – everyone learns this lesson at one point or another.

Scott Thompson

This businessman’s talent is unequalled, as he managed to make his way to vice-president, president and CEO of some subsidiary companies owned by PayPal and Visa. Moreover, his proficiency has earned him the 2011 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award,an internationally recognized entrepreneurship prize, before he was offered the chief executive chair at Yahoo! Much like Jack’s development, Scott’s career is still looked upon with envy by many competitors, as he earned tenfold the amount of resources necessary to achieve financial security and did it all with a purchased degree.

Adam Wheeler

A younger competitor than Jack Grubman and Scott Thompson, Adam managed to obtain an instant SAT degree, counterfeiting his diplomas and certificates in order to get admitted to Harvard. His confidence, his skills and capacities could not be encompassed by some certificates, as during his Harvard years Adam managed to earn over $40.000 dollars through academic research.

The list can go on endlessly as thousands of people are getting promoted today by employing the use of an accredited instant degree.Before their purchase, they have everything that the job description requires, but the prejudice against people who do not graduate from a higher education institution was preventing their career from developing. Take their example and boost your resume, career and lifestyle with an accredited instant degree today.Like many of these success stories show, it’s a decision you’ll never regret.


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