Tips to identify fake degrees

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We provide only the highest quality and safest degrees for our clients, constantly drawing on our desire to help them evolve in their careers and personal lives despite the fact that they could not afford a traditional degree. This is why we are never anxious to have our business and our standards put to the test. However, if you still unconvinced about your purchase with us or you are exploring your options further, here are a few tips to identify fake degrees and steer clear of diploma mills.

Unlike many other degree selling businesses, our service does not imply the forging of an existing diploma model or the creation of a diploma in the name of fictitious institutions with resonating names. We only act as online intermediaries between you and real, physically existing and accredited colleges and universities that are willing to confidentially provide clients with genuine degrees. There are organizations out there that have a different philosophy. They attempt to counterfeit diplomas from famous universities or to trick you into believing that your diploma comes from such a well-established institution by giving it a very similar name. If you come across such an offer, you’re better off without it, because nowadays employers are versed in identifying and exposing such scams. You would not only risk your chances of getting a job, but you might also permanently stain your reputation.

Another reliable way to recognize fake degrees is by checking whether or not they come from accredited institutions. If you buy a diploma issues by a college or university without accreditation, then you will most likely waste your money, as most employers believe they are unreliable. In other words, it is crucial that you make sure the degree you receive comes from an accredited institution. Furthermore, you should pay extra attention to institutions that claim they have accreditation, but that have not been granted this distinction by a legit, recognized accrediting organization. Many companies employ various screening processes that verify the reliability of the college or university you feature on your resume. If they are not properly accredited, your chances of getting hired are much lower.

Lastly, most degree scams try to pose as genuine programs, asking you to complete a portfolio demonstrating your life and work experience or even to take on a few tests. They claim that they will certify all your experience into a diploma, but if this process is not accredited (and it isn’t) then it will not be considered valid by any employer. We do not make such promises. We simply acknowledge the fact that you may or may not have accumulated the skills of your profession through first-hand working experience and we want to help you advance as far as possible in your career. The degrees we offer are not some illegitimate conversion of your life experience, but real degrees that attest actual studies at respectable colleges or universities. And to make sure that your resume is perfectly safe, we also put at your disposal the possibility to purchase adjacent documents, such as admission and reference letters, transcripts of your class attendance and grades, as well as student records. Through our services, you can create the same effect of a traditional degree, while spending only a fraction of the cost and ensuring the security of your career.


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